Electronic Cigarette (vaper)


Vapers work when the battery generates power that heats the element inside the atomizer, thus producing inhalable vapor.


There are many different models, from the most basic for beginners, to advanced equipment with touch screens. It all depends on what the user is looking for: comfort, steam, safety, image or innovation.



Rechargeable electronic cigarette

If you want to simply trade one vice for another, we highly recommend buying a rechargeable vaper, either JUUL or Mylé. These vapers are rechargeable both electrically (with battery) and chemically (with pods) and their lifespan is quite long.


If you bought a Vaper with the intention of quitting smoking, you'd better buy the disposable vaper, which works a lot better because once it runs out, you are not tempted to refill it, it's just over and done with.


There are several brands of rechargeable vapers; this time we will talk about the JUUL electronic cigarette; offering a wide range of colors and types of vapers for all types of nicotine consumer.


JUUL brands along with Mylé are the best vapers on the market.


The JUUL Device for pods, is a premium quality vaper; Refillable and rechargeable, it is one of the best options that JUUL electronic cigarettes have, since its elegant and ergonomic design gives it a great advantage over other vapers.


It is electronically recharged via a USB cable or by its base and is filled with the famous JUUL Pods. These Pods come in different doses of nicotine; 5 delicious flavors and replacement JUUL Pods 2 or 4 packs.


The flavors or essences of the cartridges (Pods) come in a very wide range of colors and flavors for all tastes.


Some of our favorite flavors are: JUUL menthol, JUUL cool mint, JUUL classic tobacco, JUUL cucumber, JUUL fruits, JUUL virginia tobacco, all of them with 3% or 5% nicotine, depending on your taste.


At Vaper Studio MX we have what you need, when you need it.


At JUUL they employ a safety assessment and advisory committee to review all the materials in their products.


They have strict policies governing the amount of any chemical allowed.


They routinely conduct toxicology testing to ensure that no chemicals in our products exceed established policies.


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