Myle Pods & Disposable Starter Kits



MYLE boasts of a range of features that distinguish it from others. Good battery life, refreshing flavor and a smooth inhalation are some reasons why vapers put their faith in MYLE vapor devices. Not only is vaping a better choice than smoking; with MYLE pods, vaping easily becomes a way of life.

There is something for new vapers or ex-smokers when it comes to MYLE. The flavor options are huge making it suitable for vapers to take their pick and indulge in quality vaping.

Each disposable MYLE pod delivers approximately 240 puffs of soothing, delectable, and fulfilling flavor. Thanks to the advanced design of MYLE starter kit and pods, it’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular names in the vaping industry. Take your vaporizing experience to the next level with these user-friendly pods.