Privacy Agreement

  1. Vaper Studio Mx does not try to have access of any kind to the personal data of the users, except to those data that the same user provides freely and voluntarily.

  2. When users provide personal information to Vaper Studio Mx in order to use any of its services, this information will only be used to optimize our site based on the needs of users, with the permanent objective of improving the services and products that our company offers. .

  3. The information freely provided by the user can be used to communicate with himself, by the staff of Vaper Studio Mx

  4. Vaper Studio Mx undertakes not to use the personal data of users to commercialize them with third parties. Its policy restricts the use of these data to providing generic and global information about them, with the express limit of confidentiality that determines not to disclose in any way any personal data.

  5. Vaper Studio Mx is committed to adopting a confidentiality and data protection policy, in order to protect the privacy of personal information obtained through this Web Site and the use of email.

  6. Vaper Studio Mx is not responsible for any violation of confidentiality that the users themselves or third parties outside the company may incur in the use of personal data.

  7. The only person responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the keyword or password is the user himself, who can also change it as many times as he wishes.

  8. Vaper Studio Mx reserves the right to modify these rules of its PRIVACY POLICY, in order to adapt them to new requirements in terms of legislation, jurisprudence, technique or any other reason that allows it to improve the services and content it offers. For this reason, it is advisable to periodically review these standards.

  9. If you have any questions about this confidentiality agreement, do not hesitate to contact Vaper Studio Mx, writing to us at

Privacy Policy