Mylé vaporizers


At Mylé they are committed to supporting your decision to find an alternative to quit smoking combustible cigarettes.


They are also committed to educating you, not only about the use of our MYLÉ products, but also about the health benefits you can achieve by ultimately reducing your dependence on combustible tobacco products, as well as the as-yet unknown risks that can be achieved. be associated with the use of a product such as MYLÉ.


They are committed to ALL smokers of legal age seeking to find an alternative to the use of combustible tobacco products.


They do not tolerate the use of our products by young people and people not of legal age. They support legislation that seeks to limit the use of minors. They also do everything in their power to work with regulators at the Center for Disease Control and the Food and Drug Administration in the United States (and finally abroad wherever MYLÉ is sold) to educate everyone. people to make informed decisions about their health.


Mylé Starter Kit


Starter kits. Find everything you need for a clean and smooth vaping experience in this Mylé Starter Kit that includes a sleek, full-size refillable device and four delicious flavors to choose from in the assorted Mylé pods pack. Use the included micro USB charger to power your device and the user manual to answer any questions you have in mind. Get a taste of the premium essence Mylé has developed specifically for nicotine lovers who say no to traditional cigarettes, and prepare yourself with a quick and easy kit that leaves room to try new flavors whenever you want.

You can buy Mylé starter kit in the USA at Vaper Studio Mx.

¿Where to buy Mylé Pods in the USA?

You can buy Mylé pods in the USA at or at any of our physical stores.


The Mylé Pods have been rigorously tested to ensure they won't leak. With no-leak technology, it means that you will never have to deal with leaks from Pods and its stylish and colorful capsule will simply amaze you. Take your time and choose the flavors you like best, be it Apple Mango Pod, Iced Coffee Pod, Sweet Tobacco Pod, or any of their wide range of flavor experiences. Use these capsules with the Mylé device that you will find in the Mylé basic kit for sale in the USA and enjoy the difference that technology can make in your quality vaping experience.



Mylé vape disposable 


Mylé Minis offers the same satisfying taste and silky smooth drawing as the full-size device, but minimized in a convenient pocket size! Each Mylé Mini pack comes with 2 sealed vapors just 3 inches long and one inch wide. They are ideal to wear, to a concert or in the park because there is no need to worry about the removable capsules, it is easy, fast and worry-free. The minis come in nine pleasant flavors, so pick one that resonates with your personality and enjoy the experience on your own terms.