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What is a vaper?


Its use was mainly designed to replace the consumption of tobacco in cigarettes or pipes, since it is less harmful to health than these.

There are all kinds, of all colors and flavors, so that you can choose the one that best suits you and so you can stop that horrible habit of the classic cigarette that, in addition to being very harmful to health, in every way, its smell permeates everyone. sides and stain from rooms to your own hands and teeth ... not to mention your internal vital organs.


Obviously, vaping is not recommended for people who do not smoke, since inhaling any type of substance is harmful to health and vapers contain nicotine, which is addictive, and is for sale only for adults.





History of vapers


The inventor defines the vaper as an object that would not cause harm to the fingers or discomfort for the user, and that provides "a safe and harmless means of smoking by substituting hot, humid and flavored air for burning tobacco and paper." Also as a device that could be used to cure respiratory diseases and to "inhale hot medication that would reach the lungs directly."

Herbert A. Gilbert introduced the idea of ​​the electronic cigarette in 1963 under the title "Smokeless Non-Tobacco Cigarette".


Between 1963 and 1984, there were still few patents related to electronic cigarettes that made reference to Gilbert's. It is in the 80s and early 90s when many companies, especially tobacco companies, echo his invention. Since then, the number of patent applications for electronic cigarettes "has increased considerably and the candidates are more than varied." Throughout this period, there are 170 patents that cite the pioneer and those that add some novelty to electronic cigarettes or some of its parts.


In 2001, the pharmaceutical company Alexza Pharmaceuticals began marketing the Staccato system, conceived as a product for the vaporization and inhalation of medicines and to treat acute and intermittent illnesses. There are 28 patents related to these cigarettes that refer to the pharmaceutical company.


Although its creation is not directly linked to the electronic cigarettes themselves, the technique it uses is.



The first vaper


 Later, the tobacco company Reynolds American (one of the main competitors of Philip Morris, owner of Winston and Camel, among other brands) filed up to nineteen patent applications that refer to Gilbert's. Ten of them were registered between 1988 and 2000, and have made your VUSE electronic cigarette possible.



Vapers in USA

The electronic cigarette or vaper is a smoking device that works with a rechargeable battery. It contains cartridges filled with a liquid containing nicotine, flavorings and chemicals: liquid dichol heats up and turns into a vapor that is inhaled.

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Types of Vapers

The types of vapers fall into two broad categories; long-life vapers, which are electrically recharged and filled with interchangeable cartridges called Pods, and disposable vapers (vaper disposable).

Vaper disposable

The disposable vaper is a disposable electronic vaper. Its biggest advantage is that it is very useful for people who want to quit smoking, without the temptation of filling a vaper with interchangeable pods.


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