Youth Prevention

Last updated: December 04, 2020
Thank you for shopping at VAPER STUDIO MX.
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Thank you for visiting and shopping at Vaper Studio MX. 

Vaper Studio MX was established for the purpose of ensuring accessibility to vaping products for those interested in switching their habit from combustible cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. We are dedicated to helping people change their lives. On account of this, we have created a space for guidance on vape products and for those who enjoy recreational use.

Furthermore, we are absolutely aware of the struggle to combat underage usage of vaping products. At Vaper Studio MX we are fully committed to following Texas state law that restricts sales of electronic cigarettes to those under the age of 21. Our staff at our brick and mortar location in McAllen , TX, is fully aware of and in compliance with the requirement to request customer identification prior to completing any transaction.

Age Verification Guidelines


The Vaper Studio MX online retail store does market vaping products and provides informational discourse regarding vape industry products. By virtue of this, it is our duty to verify that all our customers are of legal vaping age in order to further combat underage usage. When your order is placed, the information you submit is then compared with government databases to verify your age and identity to prevent unapproved access to age restricted vapor products and fraud.

If by chance the information that you provide is unable to be verified, you must provide a Government issued Identification such as a valid Drivers License or Passport. The name on the documentation provided must match the name that was input for the cardholder / delivery recipient when the order was placed.

After age verification is submitted, Vaper Studio MX Customer Service will have received your order and will place it on hold until all information is verified as valid. During this time an Age Verification Specialist will manually review all submitted information to approve the order. Please allow for up to 2 business days for the age verification analysis and account update.

After the order is reviewed and all your information has been verified as authentic, the order status will be updated with a follow up email detailing your account and approved order. Any future orders will automatically go through as your information will have already been authenticated. If any information changes on your personal account, the system will commence with the age verification process once again.

Please note that if Vaper Studio MX Customer Service is unable to correspond with you via email or telephone, it is our right to cancel your order within 72 hours after the initial email request for verification is sent. Prior to cancelling the order, Customer Service will attempt to communicate directly with you within those 72 hours via 3 standard emails. If there is no response subsequently thereafter, the order will be cancelled on the same day the last email was sent by 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

Take under advisement that if falsification of age and/or identity is detected to purchase products from the Vaper Studio MX website, we reserve the right to pursue legal action. Additionally, Vaper Studio MX will refuse service to anyone who is suspected of any type of fraudulent activity, including purchasing products on behalf of a minor, as it is punishable by law.

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